Consequent on re-organisation of the states in 1956, a number of state Government servants coming from integrating area were provided with residential accommodation in Rajajinagar. These Govt servants who thus became residents of Rajajinagar faced many shortcomings, one of which was insufficient school facilities and exploitation of parents in the name of education.

Based on the principle that "Self help is the best help", some of these government servants joined together and decided to form a society with an object of opening a school to impart good and purposeful education to children and to avoid exploitation of parents.
Sri Aurobindo worked tirelessly for the realisation of his vision of a divine life upon earth. He revealed his new message for humanity and its glorious future primarily through his writings which reflect unerringly his genius as a scholar, writer, poet, literary critic, philosopher, social thinker, revolutionary, patriot, visionary and yogi.

His masterful command over the English language, his infallible power of expression, his sharp intellect, his poetic genius, and above all his yogic insight and his love for humanity make it a veritable experience reading his works.
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